Home Education Podcast 008

Whitby Abbey

Toad and Frogger have both completed their magical journey on Teach your monster to read-the online phonics game. We visited the Whitby Abbey site and had a fun day of sunshine with lots of other home educating families and hear about the latest plans to close public toilets. Save Sandsend!

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2 Responses to “Home Education Podcast 008”

  1. Thanks for reviewing Teach Your Monster to Read. It’s great to hear Toad and Frogger enjoyed playing the game and that you would highly recommend it. Lovely! The team and the monsters will be very pleased to hear your thoughts.

    Dannie, Teach Your Monster to Read.

  2. I really enjoyed this episode. Even though we are across the pond here in the States I would love to bring the family to the Whitby Abbey! And we are already checking out “Teach Your Monster to Read.” Thanks for the recommendation.

    Rye, Daring & Rye Podcast

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