Month: July 2016

Home Education Podcast 017

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This week’s podcast is extra special as we share our experiences at Deer Shed 7, the family orientated festival near Thirsk. We introduce Frogger and Toad to moral dilemmas and give them the chance to speak to a plant scientist and an archaeologist for some fascinating flower facts and a spot of careers advice. Paul chats about the Raspberry PI and Microbits and discuss at what age programming should be introduced to children with computing tutor, Dan Aldred. We share our scores of the festival and our tips for camping with children. Find out whether Deer Shed 7 gets a thumbs up or a thumbs down!


Home Education Podcast 016

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We are getting in the mood for Deer Shed Festival next week that we will be attending.

We chat about Raspberry Pi computers and all the amazing things that we can do with them. We also discuss learning programming for children. Attempting to answer questions like: How old should my child be to start programming, How much will it cost? And What language should I pick? Checkout one of our Raspberry Pi projects, the CommoPi 64.

In keeping with the Deer Shed Festival theme of “At the movies”, we hold a movie quiz with Frogger and Toad.

We also take a look at the  Weekend Box. A great fun packed weekend kit that is posted through your door every weekend to keep your children happy and occupied.


Home Education Podcast 015

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Boggle Hole

We visit the wonderful Boggle Hole YHA for a couple of nights. We discuss the mysterious Boggle from Boggle Hole and Hob of Hob Hole in Runswick Bay.

Summer is here – at last – sort of. So we talk about our top 5 favorite beach activities. It does not include eating sandy sandwiches, the smell of stinky seaweed and the abundance of flies trying to drink your salty sweat.

We discuss the amazing NASA Juno mission to Jupiter and lastly we discuss some of what we will be getting up to at the Deer Shed Festival in North Yorkshire.
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