Home Education Podcast 034

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We’ve had an exciting swash buckling weekend at Comic Con, crossing the reality versus science fiction boundary.

We discuss how even the best of us occasionally succumb to the Home Education blues and find ourselves struggling and doubting our abilities.

And Frogger and Toad share their weekly highlights.

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  1. Very interesting podcast as usual. We tend to listen to each podcast whilst preparing and eating lunch.
    Have you tried using a ‘time out card’ for those moments when you are feeling frustrated? Explain to the children that when you show them the time out card you would perhaps like them to just quietly read a book to themselves or draw a picture until you are ready to start again. Or maybe the children could hand you the time out card when they feel you are reaching your limit and then take themselves off into the kitchen/bedroom etc for a few minutes whilst you gather your thoughts and perhaps re-prioritise.

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