Podcast Equipment

HE Broadcasting Corporation

What do we use to create the podcast?

Well, we use an odd jumble of things we have laying around. At the moment we are using four Sony Singstar mics with two Sony Singstar USB adapters. Not great mics, but at the princely sum of ‘Already owned’, its all we could afford.

The mics we use for recording

Now as for actual recording equipment, we use an assortment of old computers. The main production unit is a T61 Thinkpad running Ubuntu Mate 16.04. We also use an old Dell desktop, or one of two ‘past their prime’ netbooks. All running either Ubuntu Mate or Lubuntu. All of them have Audacity installed, and it works great with the Singstar USB adapters. I record in four channels, so I have to use two computers to achieve this. I then recombine the four channels using Audacity on the Thinkpad and do the editing. I don’t have any real experience of audio editing, so maybe I will buy a book sometime and the audio quality will improve:-) Though we have made great improvements since the first podcast. We did that with two mics and a teapot and a vase for the mic holders. It doesn’t sound very good. We have just recorded Podcast 10 and I have pop filters on order. So maybe next week will see another minor improvement. I am considering clip on mics for Froger and Toad. It should stop them playing with the cheepo springy mic stands while we record and prevent them looking away from the mic as they talk.

For hosting, we have a Digital Ocean droplet. This is a remote virtual server. It’s only $5 per month, and it pays for it’s self by also hosting two other websites that i don’t own, but administer. We used WordPress for the website, so it was up and running in no time. It also means that my wife can add things easily.

The Future

We intend to do some outdoor recording, and for this I have been experimenting with both our Amazon Kindle 7″ that we got in the black market sales for £40ish. They are really quite good once you get the google stuff working. Various recording apps recognise the Singstar USB interfaces, so we are getting equally good results between the kindles and the computers.

Also, It would be nice to get at least one decent mic for Sarah to use. Maybe once we reach 20 episodes;-) Though I did say 10 originally.