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Don’t Eat the Cyanide Moths

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It’s been another hectic weekend and we’ve had a blast with a houseful of welcome visitors and a local festival; all throughout the hottest days of the year so far.

It’s Grandad’s birthday and to celebrate we take a trip on the steam train and explore the church at Goathland.

Are you thankful for your garden? We talk about the importance of green space and what the garden means to us. Plus, join Frogger and Toad for their weekly highlights.

Froggers Cyanide Moth

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Home Education Podcast 017

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This week’s podcast is extra special as we share our experiences at Deer Shed 7, the family orientated festival near Thirsk. We introduce Frogger and Toad to moral dilemmas and give them the chance to speak to a plant scientist and an archaeologist for some fascinating flower facts and a spot of careers advice. Paul chats about the Raspberry PI and Microbits and discuss at what age programming should be introduced to children with computing tutor, Dan Aldred. We share our scores of the festival and our tips for camping with children. Find out whether Deer Shed 7 gets a thumbs up or a thumbs down!


Home Education Podcast 012

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Crowd of people at the summer gathering

Not so long ago we found ourselves in a situation in which one of us wanted to Home Educate and the other didn’t, hear our discussion on what worked for us and how we found a way forward, we also discuss art from the perspective of a non-artist parent and share how useful we find artforkidshub.com. Frogger and Toad enjoy talking about their experiences in the week which include Unity Adventure Club and a very small private music festival that we attended.

Ten Foot Tom and the Leprosy Crooks

The John Doe’s



If you would like to give us any suggestions or feedback, please send us an email to thehomeeducationpodcast@gmail.com