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Happy Home Ed Year!


We’re back and we wish you all a Happy New year and all the best for 2018. We hope you’ve had a super time celebrating with friends, family and food.

On today’s show Frogger and toad review the Green science weather station kit and the robotic arm building set. (Put links in)

We also talk about the increase in the number of families deciding to home educate, which has tripled in some counties. What were your reasons for home educating, flexi schooling or choosing school? We share some of our many reasons and talk about our response to the call to register all families.

Finally, frogger and toad share their scores of the holidays.

As always, get in contact with us to share your comments, experiences and suggestions. Happy home edding!!


If you would like to give us any suggestions or feedback, please send us an email to thehomeeducationpodcast@gmail.com

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